Ignore it and go for the brownies.

Thinking that you're a big girl, at least bigger than the other kids who will be staying for the week, you decide that you can hold it while you snag a brownie or two. You slowly walk to the brownies, take one, and eat it. It is so delicious that you start to lose control over yourself and continue to keep eating more brownies. After the batch is about have gone, you here a shout behind you, "TALATHIA!" You turn around to see the fox lady, Candy. She scolds the ground below you and your face, "Looks like we have a naughty girl messy in more ways than one." You look down to notice that you have soaked your black jeans and that their is a puddle on the floor. It must have either happened why you were blown away by the taste or surprised by Candy's yelling. "You are in big trouble young lady, come with me right now."

Candy takes you to the bathroom, wipes the brown spots of your face, and also removes your soaked clothes. She then gets out a thick plastic backed diaper and other changing supplies and sets them on the table. You gasp and blush bright red, you simply can't believe that she's going to actually put you in diapers. How do you react?

The End

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