Candy says that it is nap time; she probably figured it be best that way considering you kids had quite a day so far. Sakura and Talathia complain about not wanting to take naps, but Candy insists they need them. You and Zack on the other hand do feel quite sleepy and look as if you could use a nap. She takes you girls upstairs to a bedroom with four cribs; She knows it's yours and Zack's preferred beds, and she's also making the others sleep in them too considering their diapered status. And she also says Talathia especially needs one since she's too misbehaved. Talathia continues to fuss about being treated like a baby, and Candy puts a binky in her mouth and locks her in one of the cribs. She the helps the rest of you in your cribs, tucks you in, and kisses you all good night. You also give her another hug before she tucked you in. You snuggle feeling so comfy and quickly go into a deep sleep despite Tal whining and crying.

The End

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