A new shirt and diaper.

She is wearing a shirt, different then the dress she was wearing, which fully reveals a thick plastic backed diaper. Apparently, she didn't make it to the potty in time and Candy needed to put her in diapers. Candy notices Talathia also had an accident and looks quite angry at her. She drags her by the hand and takes her into the bathroom to get her cleaned up. You hear sounds of Tal screaming and arguing that she doesn't need diapers. You also here Candy remind her that if she can't keep her clothes clean, she's going have to wear diapers. After about ten minutes of struggling, the finally come out and you notice Talathia is dressed in a yellow T-shirt and diaper which makes her blush heavily. "Who else needs a change?" Candy asks. She then checks you and Zack finding that both of you need diaper changes; you didn't even notice that you're quite soggy again.

Candy smiles and gently takes you both in. She first changes Zack who was pretty wet and a little messy, and then she gets you on the table and says she saved the best for last this time. As she changes you again, she smiles and gives you another warm hug that you never get tired of. She's so glad to have at least two good babies if with an overly significant difference in size as opposed to the rebellious girl Talathia. Now that all four of the kids being babysat are diapered, what do they decide next.

The End

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