Switch Tal and Candy's cups.

Since Candy is the grown up and babysitter, you feel she's the one who deserves the most respect. Sakura also has her pull ups; which may not be half as convenient as diapers, but it is still a little bit of protection from accidents. You quietly switch the glasses without anyone watching and wait for the others to get in their seats to have lunch. After enjoying their sandwiches, Sakura and Candy start to drink they're orange juice; Talathia waits doesn't drink hers yet. She's obviously waiting to see her trap. Then suddenly, Sakura starts clenching her tummy like she has to go. Candy hops up to help Sakura to the rest room; Talathia seem surprised it didn't effect her, but she starts to drink her orange juice. After finishing it, she tries to run to the bathroom which turns out to be locked. She starts banging on the door hoping to get in, but ends up loosing control and making a big mess in her jeans. She naturally starts throwing a tantrum, but Candy and Sakura finally come out of the door. Sakura is wearing...

The End

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