Hide it and hold it.

You don't want to give a distraction while you're playing, so you decide to ignore the pressure and hide it. "I'm okay," you tell Nozomi, "My tummy ache is all gone and I feel better now." She smiles back and hugs you tightly, which makes it even harder to hold on, but you don't lose it quite yet. After the hug, Nozomi asks, "So what can you do now Mummy?" You think about it for a moment trying to hold back the mess and then decide to read her a story. As you look through the books, you find one entitled, "Everybody Poops," which almost makes you lose control. You look through the others and decide to read a book about ponies. You sit on a chair with her right next to her while she sits on the floor and looks at the pages while you read. About half way though the story, you feel the pressure get even greater, which leads to you loosing control and filling your training pants.

Nozomi wonders what that smell is and knows that can't be her since she doesn't have those kinds of accidents anymore. You blush bright red and hope she doesn't notice it coming from her, but then Candy comes closer and notices the smell. "Sakura, did you have an accident?" You are left speechless, so she decide to check and confirms that you did. "Come on, lets get you clean up," she says sounding a little disappointed. She carries you over to the bathroom and sets you on the changing table. She removes you soiled pull ups and wipes you up clean. "Such a smelly mess! Why didn't you tell me you had to go." You start to get scared and don't know what how to respond to that matter. Seeing how scared and innocent the look on your face is, Candy tells you. "It's okay, I'll forgive you as long as you promise to wear diapers for the rest of the day and the next day at the very least. And next time you have to go potty, please tell me so I can help you go unless you want to stay in diapered." After getting you cleaned, she powders you up and puts you in a nice, clean diaper. She also puts you in a red shirt that leaves your diaper on full display. Now that you are taken care of, what comes next?

The End

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