Change her.

You smile big as you notice how badly Nozomi needs a change and fetch a new diaper big enough for her. Candy also hands out all the necessary changing supplies as she sees what you're going to do. With everything needed, you have the big baby angel lie down on the mat to get ready for the diaper change. You untape the soaking wet nappy and get it out from under her; it feels quite heavy. You then wipe her up clean and slide the new diaper underneath. You then powder her all up which makes you sneeze and fold the new diaper and run to each side to ensure proper snugness with the tapes. "Okie dokie," You say to her with a smile. She sits up to give you a nice, warm hug. You pat her cute diapered bottom which crinkles loudly. Candy gives you girls an "Awww." What happens next?

The End

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