Loose control.

The pressure is too much for you to bare, so it all start to leak out into your diaper. You freeze in place, and you find yourself completely flooding the diaper to the point where it is quite obvious. Nozomi notices the sagginess and change in color. "Did you have an accident?" She asks innocently. You blush and nod in embarrassment, but she crawls over to you and gives you a nice warm hug to comfort you. While she is hugging you, you notice that she wets her diaper again to the point where she needs a change too.

Candy comes over to check on you two and finds that you both have soggy diapers. She hugs the both of you and then takes you over to the bathroom to get them changed. She first sets you on the table where she gets you out of your used diaper and into a fresh one. Then Nozomi hops up and lets Candy do the same thing for her. She pats your bottoms lovingly and embraces you two in another warm group hug. What happens next?

The End

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