Tell Candy you have to go potty.

You slowly waddle over to Candy and give a light tug on her Kimono. "Yes Sakura?" She asks with a smile. "I have to go potty," you tell her. She picks you up and carries you to the bathroom and helps you get your diaper off. She sets you on the toilet so that you can relieve yourself. Nozomi waits right outside the door like a good girl, but then she wets her diaper again and just notices she's going to need another change.

After you are done with your potty business; Candy wipes you clean with a baby wipe and helps you put your diaper back on with the refasten-able tapes. She then goes to get Nozomi, who hops on the changing table. After getting her diaper changed again; she stands up to give Candy some hugs. You point out, "Awww, cute hugs," as the fox lady pats her cute diapered bottom making it crinkle. Candy picks you up so you can join in the group hug making you all smile. The door bell rings as soon as the three of you leave the bathroom. Who is here?

The End

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