Diaper punishment.

You decided to wear diapers for the whole time you are at Candy's house as your punishment. It's not like it's a big deal; Nozomi has to wear them all the time despite her being nine years older than you and well more than twice your height. And at least you aren't going to be forced to use them; at least not generally. You still aren't allowed to take them off on your own and need Candy's assistance.

Candy then gets you on the table where she undresses you. After removing your dress and your pull ups, she gets out a diaper in your size, slides underneath, powders you up, and tapes it on. She then gets you a pink shirt that leaves your diaper on display. She helps you off the table where you waddle back to the living room to see Nozomi. She smiles and hugs you to show forgiveness like a sweet girl that she is. She also thinks you look cute dressed like that and is glad to have a play date in her position. What happens next?

The End

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