Keep tickling her.

You keep on tickling her, and even beef up the tickles, making her burst out with laughter to the point where a little bit of tears come out her eyes. She also ends up flooding her diaper leaving it all soaked. Her laughter eventually turns to sobs as she has wetted at least a gallon. "Wow! you're a big wetter," You say, "Good thing her diaper is thick enough to hold it," you giggle. Candy then breaks it up leaving you scared. "I'll take care of her, but don't think you can get away with this, it will be punishment time for you."

Candy carries Nozomi over to the changing table and gets out all the changing supplies needed. As you hear the sounds of her untaping her diaper, Candy says, "You poor angel, you are all soaked." She wipes her up clean, slides a fresh bulky diaper underneath, powders her all up, and folds the new diaper and tapes both sides all snug. "All done Princess, Candy says helping her up and patting her bottom." Nozomi smiles and hugs her back, "Thankies." Candy hugs her back and says, "Awww, anytime cutie."

After Nozomi's wonderful embrace, Candy turns to you and gives you multiple options for your punishment. She could either give you some spankings, put you in diapers for the rest of the week regardless of whether or not you use them, or be treated like a real baby for the rest of the day with absolute no permission to use the potty.

The End

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