Do what she says and apologize.

Hearing the babysitter telling you to stop, you feel inclined to do so. You also apologize to Nozomi for calling her a big baby and making her go potty in her diaper. She smiles and replies, "It okays." The sweet girl then gives you a big warm hug; her wet diaper is also still very crinkly. You smile and hug her back. Considering the she's wet, you do realize that she might need a change. You wonder if you should change her yourself since you made her wet in the first place, or let Candy do it since she's the grown up and also the babysitter. You also notice that her diaper is very thick; it should hold a lot more than most diapers do. But at the same time, Nozomi does seem quite a big wetter. But the overall wetness is still damp to moderate. What should be done?

The End

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