You tell her that you would like to play house with her. Nozomi nods in agreement as she thinks it would be so much fun. You tell her that would want to be the mummy while she's the baby since she's the one wearing diapers. She is also in full agreement on that and is super excited to play. Candy tells you that she'll prepare a baby bottle for the sweetest Nozomi. In the mean time, you have her crawl around the living room making her diaper crinkle loudly. She giggles as she is having so much fun already.

After a few minutes, Candy comes back with a big baby bottle full of warm milk and hand it over to you. You have Nozomi lie down so you can bottle feed her, and she drinks it quit happily. You also notice that she is drinking quite fast; she must be quite hungry. She also appears to be wetting her diaper as she finishes up the milk. You have her sit up and rub and pat her back till she burps. She also continues wetting that diaper till she is quite soaked. What do you do about it?

The End

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