Be nice.

You smile as you approach the beautiful angel. "Hi, I'm Sakura. What's yours?" She smiles back and also says "Hi, my name is Nozomi." You reply, "That's a pretty name. By the way, I like your diaper; I think it's super cute." She smiles bigger saying, "Thankies." She crawls over to you and hugs; her diaper crinkles loudly. "You're welcome Crinkle Bum," you say hugging her back. You hear her giggle as if she likes that nickname. After the hug, you step a little bit back to get a good lock at her plastic-backed diaper. It is super thick and has all sorts of super cute baby prints making you go, "Awww." You ask her if she would like to play with you; she nods happily, but asks what you want to play.

The End

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