Your kimono vanished and got replaced.

After you removed you kimono and left it on the ground to change yourself. You notice it mysteriously vanished as soon as you put a dry diaper on. Instead, all you got is a purple T-shirt with a yellow smiley face on it. You decide to put it on realizing that you got nothing to hide the diaper. You are worried that some of the kids might laugh or tease you, but then you keep in mind that you're in charge. You waddle out the bathroom door to find Sakura and Talathia laughing at you making you blush. You notice that Zack and Nozomi are being good and not laughing. You figure that Zack is too young to understand that bigger kids don't wear diapers; and of course Nozomi being both in diapers at her age, and being so perfect at heart, would never laugh or tease you about something like that. In fact, she's smiling brightly and seems very encouraging about it.

You remind the two laughing kids that they're in no position to laugh at you. You remind Talathia about her two accidents and the spankings she got making her fall back in defeat. And you warn Sakura that you could punish her and put her in diapers just as easily. You see Nozomi waddle over to you and hugs you warmly reminding you that there's nothing wrong with diapers. You gladly embrace the tall angel girl back and pat her cute diapered bottom making it crinkle. You go back to deciding what to do for fun.

The End

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