Give her some spankings, no change yet.

Since Talathia is such a mean, naughty, ignorant, temperamental, bratty, spoiled, arrogant, disrespectful, bully of a girl, you decide that it is spanking time for her. And better yet, you're going to make her stay in that dirty diaper for even more punishment. You grab her by the hand, sit on a wooden chair, grab a paddle, and spank hard. Nozomi and Zack look away out of fear, and Sakura watches while also laughing at her making Talathia even more upset. After about a hundred spanks, Talathia finally says that she is sorry, but you figure she might be acting. Since you know the other kids might need to be to be changed, you decide that is enough spankings for now, but leave her in that diaper until everyone else is cared for at least. You have her sit in that mess, and she is too vulnerable to do anything at the moment. So you check on Nozomi and Zack.

You find that poor Nozomi is soaked and about to leak, and that Zack's diaper is slightly damp and a little messy making him kind of in the middle. You take them in the bathroom to change them. First you change Nozomi, who smiles and thanks you with a big, crinkly hug. And then you change Zack who simply gives a big smile. You pat both their bottoms making them giggle and their diapers crinkle. You then walk out to find...

The End

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