Just let it slide.

Considering her bad behavior, you realize that she deserves what she gets if Sakura truly did put laxatives in her orange juice, so you just let nature take its course. You notice Sakura looks like she has to go potty, so you take her to the bathroom and lock the door. You help Sakura get undressed and set her on the potty. She uses it like a big girl and remains to be the only one here not diapered; although, she is in training pants. And not surprisingly, Talathia started beating on the door because she has to go really bad. But since Sakura was still going, you let her be for a moment.

By the time Sakura was done, Talathia lost the battle with her bowels and loaded her diaper. She screams and you hear sounds of stomping, throwing and dropping objects, and thwacking. You then hear multiple crying sounds of various volumes. You check outside after Sakura washes her hands and find all three of them in tears for different reasons. Nozomi is relatively quiet but does appear to be badly hurt, Zack, who is crying moderately louder, might be a little hurt physically, but he seems more scared then hurt. And Talathia being the noisiest one, is upset for obvious reasons. She seemed to have took her anger out around the house and one the other two kids, specifically Nozomi. She seems to have a lot of anger left which she seems prepared to use on you and possibly Sakura.

The End

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