Playfully tease her baby style.

"Awww, does the baby need her baba?" You say teasing her. "No!" Talathia responds, "Just get me out of this stupid thing." You then start to spoon feed her some baby food; she struggles, but reluctantly swallows some with a mess on her face as well. Then you wipe her up with a wash cloth making her even more upset; but then you notice her moving her legs in a familiar pattern. "Do you need to go potty?" You ask her. She shakes her head and tells you, "Shut up!" Just then, you start to tickle her. She squirms and fusses trying to resist, but she also doesn't have enough room to resist as well as she normally could. When you strengthen your tickles, she starts to pee her pants making her face turn red as a tomato. "Naughty girl made a puddle," Sakura says giggling. "Go away you little brat!" Talathia responds, "She made me did this!" You turn to the little Neko for a minute, "Sakura, no making fun of other kids while they are in trouble." Then you go back to the pixie with the drenched jeans, "Well if you were a big girl, this wouldn't have happened to you. Now come on, you're getting diapered."

Talathia is very speechless and continues to pout. You carry her out of the high chair and to the changing table. She struggles as you try to get her we clothes of, but she only succeeds in getting them ripped. Obviously upset about her favorite outfit being torn apart, she lays there defeated for now while you get a diaper and changing supplies. You wipe of her legs, powder her up and tape the diaper on her making her blush deeper. You then also have her in a white shirt with a teddy bear on it making her even more embarrassed that she has nothing to hide the diaper. What do you do next.

The End

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