"Oh, poor Nozomi."

Seeing how the innocent Nozomi is a victim of some moderate pain that she doesn't deserve, you decide the giving her some love and care is what is most important. You waddle over to the bathroom, but before entering the door, you turn your eyes toward Talathia to warn her that you will be back for her.

You lie Nozomi on the table and proceed to change her wet diaper. After wiping her up clean, you gives a little extra oil and powder to make her more cozy. Then you fasten a nice, fresh and extra padded diaper with a crinkly plastic backing on her. She smiles and hugs you as if she feels better all ready; you happily hug her back tightly in respond. Knowing she'll be a good girl, you let her play with some toys while you go deal with Talathia.

You turn back to Talathia and firmly grip her by the hand; she tries to struggle, but you clearly have the upper hand in strength making her get even more fussy. What punishment do you decide to give her.

The End

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