You decide to go for a walk.

With you all fresh and dry now, Sakura tells Zack that she wants to take the baby and the doggy for a walk. They find a big baby carriage for you and they get a leash to attach to Candy's collar. You get in the carriage and let Sakura move you; thankfully, it was design where even little kids can push it pretty easily. Zack holds on to the leash to Candy as you all walk out the front door. You wiggle around playfully making your displayed diaper crinkle while walking around town. You get some mixed reactions from all the people around you. Some people are curious why a little girl is bushing a seven foot tall teenage diaper girl, and why a toddle is holding the leash of an anthropomorphic fox. Others think it's just so adorable to see all these interesting mix of kids play. Upon walking around the neighborhood, what happens?

The End

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