Sakura changes you.

"Baby needs a new diapy," Sakura says, "Could you get everything we need Daddy?" Zack smiles and also rides Candy to fetch a new diaper and changing supplies. Sakura has you lay down and tries to comfort you, "It okays, Mommy will get you all clean," she tells you. They come back and Zack is holding a big diaper while Candy has everything else, including a mat. They lay the mat down where you lie down, and Sakura kneels down stands in front of you. She reaches over to undo the tapes and remove the soggy diaper. She wipes you up clean which feels rather cold. She then has you lift your bottom and slides the fresh clean diaper underneath, powders you all up making her sneeze, and fastens the tapes on each side. "Thankies," you happily say with a smile amazed she was able to pull it off. You sit up to give her a big, crinkly hug, and then Zack also joins in the hug. Candy walks towards you on all fours and sniffs the scent of baby powder making the three of you giggle.

The End

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