The Baby

Considering your diapered status, and how you enjoy being treated like a baby, it was natural for you to want to be the baby. With that being said, Sakura decides to be the mummy and Candy is the doggy; she is a fox after all. "I think the baby needs a bottle," Says Sakura. Candy, being a really big doggy, gives Candy a pony ride to the kitchen to prepare the baba while little Daddy Zack keeps you company. He gives you a binky and has you crawl around the living room. He waddles on two feet following you; both of your diapers are crinkling quite a bit.

After a few minutes of fun, Sakura and Candy return with a bottle of warm milk; there appears to be a strawberry flavoring this time making it sound yummy to you. Sakura carries the bottle with both hands and  then has you lay down so she can feed you. The milk tastes so delicious and you keep on drinking it like a good baby. Zack tickles your tummy making you giggle and have some milk come out of your nose; you also might have peed a little, but you don't notice yet. Candy cleans those spots off with a wash cloth which Sakura calls her tongue; the fox doggy also gives you some doggy kisses. After you finish up the baba, Sakura has you sit up and then she rubs your back until you burp.

But then, you suddenly flood your diaper again. "Uh oh, the our big baby has had an accident," said Sakura. Zack giggles, "She made a wet wet." What do they do about that?

The End

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