Play with some toys.

After the nice warm hug, you decide to waddle back to the living room to play with some toys. Candy happily watches you play until the doorbell rings. In the door comes a little half Neko girl named Sakura, whom Candy greets with a warm smile. You wave to her and she comes over to you with a much quieter crinkle than what your diapers make. "Hi, Why are you wearing a diaper?" You blush slightly as the girl who isn't even half your age asks such a question. "Well, I can't feel or control when I wet," you respond. "Sakura, be nice, she needs her diapers fulltime, so don't tease her," Candy warned her. Sakura responds with a smile, "Okays."

Sakura the lifts her pink skirt to show you her training pants, "I'm currently potty training right now, but I still wet the bed, so I have to wear diapers too when I sleep." Hearing this makes you smile, so you decide to crawl over to her with your diaper crinkling noisily and hug her. She giggles and hugs you back. "By the way, I wanna do something," said Sakura.

The End

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