You ask nicely to be bottle fed.

You blush slightly do to your minor shyness, but remain well behaved as always. "Um, may I have my baba please?" Candy gets out a bottle of warm milk that was already prepared well for this moment, "You most certainly may cutie." She leads you over to the rocking chair and has you lie down on her lap; your long legs are going far off the chair. She feeds you the bottle which you appear to be drinking fast. "My, somebody's hungry." You nod slightly and continue drinking till the bottle empties. The nice fox lady the repositions you into a cuddle position and pats your back causing you to burp loudly. She giggles and calls you a good girl. She cuddles you some more till you suddenly flood your diaper. "Awww, did someone have an accident?" Candy asks. You nod and blush slightly. "It okays, I shall change you into a nice fresh diaper." She carries you with impressive strength to the changing table where she sets you down comfortable and gets out all the changing supplies. She untapes your diaper and proceeds to wipe you up clean. "Poor Nozomi, you really soaked them." After she finishes wiping you, she takes the soggy diaper, balls it up, and tosses it in the pail. Then she slides a new diaper underneath, powders you up, and fastens the tapes snuggly around your waist.

Candy helps you off the table and lovingly pats your bottom, "There you go, all clean and dry." "Thankies," You say as you hug her, your diaper crinkles loudly as you move. She smiles and hugs you tightly, "Awww, you are so welcome Princess, if you need another change, I'll always be happy to help you." You continue hugging for a minute or two; what do you do next? 

The End

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