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Character #3: Zack. Gender: Male. Age: 2. Species: Human. Height: 2'9". Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue. Personality: Shy, Timid, Curious, Cranky, Short-tempered, Fragile, Innocent. Potty training status: Infancy, Diapered Fulltime. Clothing: Blue Shirt and Plastic Backed Diapers. Main Role: Cry Baby; traditional baby/toddler.

Character #4: Talathia. Gender: Female. Age: 12. Species: Pixie. Height: 4'3" Hair: Blond. Eyes: Red. Personality: Rebellious, Mean, Bossy, Cruel, Bratty, Selfish, Mischievous, Greedy. Potty training status: Fully potty trained, Big girl panties now, may change later for various reasons. Clothing: Black jacket and jeans. Main Role: Bully and Brat. The very naughty girl.

Character #5: Candy. Gender: Female. Age: 19. Species: Kitsune. Height: 5'6". Hair: Black. Eyes: Brown. Personality: Kind, Loving, Caring, Strong, Mature, Responsible, Protective, Motherly, Brave. Potty training status: Fully potty trained; presumably big girl panties. Clothing: Violet Kimonos. Main Role: Baby sitter, Care taker.

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