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My character, Princess Nozomi, goes to a strong but kind babysitter's house to play for the week. She also meets some new friends as well, you may explore the story from different views of up to five different characters.

Each character has their own appearance, personality, and potty training status to define their role. Select one based on your interest. There are a total of five characters; the baby sitter and four younger kids.

Character #1: Nozomi. Gender: Female. Age: 15. Species: Angel. Height: 7'7". Hair: Emerald Green. Eyes: Green. Personality: Sweet, Innocent, Kind, Loving, Honest, Sensitive, Humble. Potty training status: Urinary incontinence; Diapered Fulltime. Clothing: T-shirt, and super thick plastic backed diaper with baby prints. Main role: The good girl, main character.

Character #2: Sakura. Gender: Female. Age: 6. Species: Neko. Height: 3'4". Hair: Pink. Eyes: Purple. Personality: Playful, Fun-loving, Mischievous, Hyper, Joyful, Friendly. Potty training status: In Progress; Training Pants at Day, Diapered at Night. Clothing: Pink Dress at day, Pink sleeper at night. Main role: Bit of a trouble maker, but has a kind heart.

The End

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