Chapter 4: Leah's Birthday

The sun shining through the horizon as day comes after night. Reflecting the sun’s glory, the grand lake of Arseinega sits in the middle of the city. Pouring into the lake lays four pristine, beautiful waterfalls contributing to the lake’s vastness. From this lake that seems as if it has an endless supply of water, has a creek like river flowing from Upper Arseinega through Middle Arseinega and Lower Arseinega, and to outside of the city walls.


Upper Arseinega, the place where the royal family, the royal knights, council members, and their families live. Anyone who lives here has some influence on the kingdom of Arseinega. Middle Arseinega is where the knights, merchants and people with a trade work. Middle Arseinega is where the majority of the Arseinega population is. Lower Arseinega is where farmers and herders live because of the open space.


The day where newly appointed knights are to assume their stations has fallen upon them today. 


“John, I am praying for your safety and well-being as a patrolling knight. Please make sure to notify me when you and Ruth marry, because I am the knight of honor. Take care my friend.” says Aubin.

“I hope there is a day when you can convey your feelings to Princess Leah. Let me get down to my post before the knight in charge talks me to death.” says John.


Aubin begins to finish his packing and heads to Upper Arseinega. Aubin walks through the community where councilmen live and greets them and their family. He finally reaches the royal gates where he is greeted once again by Malkie.


“It seems that you are more punctual than normal, Aubin. Follow me so I may show you where your new room is.” says Malkie while walking through the castle leading the way. “As a royal knight we live in the castle in rooms near the royal family. Here is your room, it is two rooms down from Lily towards the east and six rooms down in the same direction is Leah’s room.”

“You really did not think I knew the rooms of the royal family after all these years.” says Aubin

“I am getting tired of your remarks that you make. Tonight there is a party in the royal ballroom be there, with the attire that is in your room. Be on time, Aubin.”


Aubin starts to unpack and takes a few hours to finish. He then puts the clothes that were on his bed. A knock on Aubin’s door sounded.


“Lily is something wrong?” asks Aubin while kneeling to eye level with Lily with a concerned look.

“Nothing is wrong Aubin, I just wanted to go to the party with you.” says Lily while fidgeting with her hands behind her back while twisting back and forth.

“Alright let me get my swords and we can leave. I must say that you look very beautiful tonight Princess Lillian.” says Aubin with a gentle smile while Lily blushes.


Aubin and Lily walk into the ballroom where many influential people are mingling. Lily goes around playing with friends who are her age on the balcony. Aubin is greeted with praise and humbly accepts them. Minutes pass when…


“Attention to all guests.” says an announcer. “The royal family will like to introduce Princess Leah, who celebrates seventeen years on this earth today.”


The whole crowd of guest becomes awe struck with Princess Leah’s beauty. She walks down the winding stairs where she greets the guest with a smile that brightens up the whole world it seems. Leah makes her way around the guests.


“Leah you look so beautiful. I cannot wait until I am of the age to look as beautiful as you Leah.” says Lily.

“You are beautiful now Lily and will become even more once you do grow older.” says Leah as she hugs her younger sister. “What do you think Aubin?” asks Leah.

“Does my opinion really count Leah?” asks Aubin.

“Forget it, you never care Aubin.” says Leah while disappointed and begins to walk away.

“Hold on Leah.” says Aubin while grabbing Leah’s wrist. “You truly look beautiful in the white gown. Can I make it up to you with a dance Leah?” asks Aubin.

“Yes you may.”


Aubin takes Leah’s hand and begin to dance. It takes just an instant for all attention to be upon the both of them.


“Are you nervous Leah?” asks Aubin.

“Far from it actually. I am very happy that for once you did not try to avoid another direct question.”


As they finish the dance everyone applaud both Leah and Aubin. The two take a bow and the night grows to a halt in a matter of hours. Aubin being the last person in the ballroom pondering thoughts of confusion on what is he is to do. Leah on the other hand is full of joy and happiness that keeps her up for the night.


“You know she likes you Aubin.” says Malkie as he walks into the ballroom.

“I may be young Malkie, but I am not naïve to her feelings.”

The End

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