Chapter 3: Aubin's Dilemma

“That was a great speech surprisingly, since it came from you, Aubin.” says Malkie.

“I would have to agree with Malkie. Thank you for the praise and honor you have bestowed upon us. I do not see that young little frail boy anymore, but a confident young man with a heart. Aubin, there is something important that we must discuss with you. Come with me to the king’s court.” says King Seth


King Seth and Aubin walk down a long corridor arriving at a room with a view that looks out to all of Arseinega. King Seth walks up towards his throne and sits down.


“Aubin, you have truly impressed the royal family with your kindness and have gained the respect of your fellow knights. I take pleasure in stating where you will be posted in this kingdom of Arseinega. The counsel, the queen, and even Malkie agreed with the decision of placing with the royal knights. Not only are you to look after the royal family but you have a specific task of being the princesses knight. You are to guard both Leah and Lillian as their personal guard. Unlike the royal knights excluding Malkie, I permit you as you always have, to keep a personal relationship with the two. I cannot take the friendship that the princesses and you already have, and make you a full-fledged servant.” says King Seth.

“I am honored King Seth, not just because I am a part of the royal knights but because I do not have to act distant between anyone. It would be easy if it was just Leah but Lily would be hard to keep my distance from because I see her as my younger sister.” says Aubin.

“Why can you distance yourself from Leah with ease?”

“I did not say it was easy, it’s just I have been doing that for that past six years.”

“You fancy Leah, Aubin?”

“Yes I fancy her and not just because she is the princess but because we have grown up together these past six years and I have been able to get to know her for who she is. Yes I admire her beauty but her kindness towards me when I was in the dark abyss of my mind, truly is why I love your daughter. I will not let my desires control me because of the amount of respect I have for you and Queen Rhain and the love I have for Leah and Lily. I know it may seem like a shock to you, that a young man is telling you these things about his own daughter, but I truly mean what I say, so please do not think I am playing a joke like I usually do with serious things. To put it as simply and as plain as possible, I love your daughter Leah.”


King Seth becomes struck with silence, as Aubin continues to look at the king with unwavering eyes anticipating the king’s response.


“Aubin, I see you as my own son and trust you with my life and the lives of those who I love. As of right now I would still like you to keep your distance as you have with my daughter Leah. Please I beg of you that you keep that wall up. I am not asking this as King Seth but as a father who’s name happens to be Seth. I would like Leah to experience other things before she is exposed to love.” says King Seth as he walks towards Aubin and kneels.

“King, please do not kneel before a knight. I planned on keeping my feelings to me, and you still have the power to assign me to another post sir.”

“No, Leah and Lily are getting tired and bored of the servants they have around them. Aubin you are still assigned to the post of the royal knights stationed as the princesses knight, understood.”

“Yes sir.” says Aubin leaves the room with a gentle smile on his face. 

The End

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