Chapter 2: Knighthood

“Aubin hurry up, or we will be late.” says a young man.

“Calm down John, we will make the ceremony in time. I have to be there to make the address at the ceremony.” says Aubin picking up his swords.

“Aubin, I always wanted to know, what are the names of the swords you wield?” asks John while they begin to walk to the grounds of the ceremony. 

“They were forged from an iron that had a white shine to it, and was actually crafted by my grandfather. Its shape originated from a foreign country, which my grandfather visited when he was younger. I believe the country’s name was Edo, but I am truly not sure. My grandfather says its name is katana and he fell in love with its light but sturdy built,” says Aubin as he and John walk across a bridge.


The two continue to talk while walking through the beautiful city of Arseinega. They greet citizens while they walk throughout the city being thankful and grateful for the praises of congratulations from the people. The two walk upon an awe striking edifice of great size made out of stone, which seem majestic during the time of high noon. They are stopped by a knight with a little girl by his side.


“Aubin, John, good day.” says the knight.

“Good day, sir Malkie.” says John while bowing.

“It is a good day…wouldn’t you say Lily.” says Aubin while looking up at the sky then at the girl by Malkie’s side. The girl runs up to Aubin and gives him a hug.

“Aubin, can you carry me on your back?” asks Lily.

“Yes you may, Princess Lillian.” says Aubin while he bows and gestures out of sarcasm. Lily grabs Aubin’s shoulders and wraps her arms around his neck.

“John you may proceed into the castle’s court.” says Malkie.

“Yes sir. Aubin, see you after the ceremony.”

“Alright John.” says Aubin while he waves and walks with Malkie up the stairs of the castle, carrying Lily on his back.


Malkie leads the way upstairs not spewing a word, while Aubin and Lily talk.


“Aubin, are we going to play today?” asks Lily while putting her chin on Aubin’s neck and looking at him with puppy dog eyes.

“We will see Lily, do not know how this day is going to pan out.” says Aubin.

“Aubin, why were you not here earlier?” asks Malkie.

“…..” answers Aubin with silence.

“I am going to imply that you did not wake up on time.” says Malkie.

“You can believe that if it helps you sleep at night.” says Aubin.

“Why can you not take anything seriously? This is an honor to be the lead knight of your core.” says Malkie as they get to the top of the stairs.


At the top of the stairs King Seth, Queen Rhain, and Princess Leah await the arrival of the three.


“You finally want to show up Aubin. You always move at your own pace.” says Leah as she shakes her head with disappointment. “Do I really have to introduce Aubin, father?”

“Yes you do, he has been your childhood friend since you were ten and he personally requested you for his introduction.” says King Seth.

“Aubin, you have really grown from that timid and frightened little boy into a young man that all of Arseinega is and will be proud of. Address your brethren with pride.” says Queen Rhain


Leah walks to the balcony, looks to the crowd and takes a deep breath.


“Good Day to all. I am here to introduce a friend who can be irresponsible but is a truly kind person. He is the first knight in the history of Arseinega to lead his core in combat, archery, and in covert operations.” says Leah with a smile.


The crowds of people give out a shout of applause while Aubin makes his way to the balcony. Aubin gazes at the crowd waving and smiling.


“Good day to the boys who have taken this journey of knighthood with me, and emerging as men of Arseinega. I would like to thank the people of Arseinega for accepting me as one of their own and not treating me as an outcast. Truly I am overwhelmed with this honor. I was truly troubled by this grand occasion and was irresponsible with my time this morning. I felt that I was unworthy of this honor but with the love and kindness from your applause when I was introduced, my mind was put at ease. The people who i am indebted to, happen to be the royal family of Arseinega. I was in a dark abyss in my own mind six years ago, but they truly cared for me and gave me grace where they could have just executed me. We have a great King here in Arseinega. He leads by example and will not ask you anything he would not do. Queen Rhain is a virtuous woman I truly love, for she was the first to give love when I did not deserve it…” says Aubin while starting to cry. “Princess Leah is my most cherished friend. We have gotten in trouble numerous times. Princess Lily is probably most precious to me because I have watched her grow up since she was born. For all of Arseinega, I will go to war with you and for you any day; but for the royal family I will go against the whole world even if I am the only one who stands. Thank You.” says Aubin while he walks back into the castle getting a bellowing applause from the crowd.

The End

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