Princess Eleanor.


“Eleanor!” the little servant girl poked me. “We can get into the ballrooms through that stairway.” She pointed leading me into the side of the courtyard to the edge of the Carson Palace.  I gazed at the fragile frame in front of me. The little servant girl, Leah, was merely fourteen, yet she was the only one whom i can truly trust. She was also the only one who was comfortable  enough to call me by my name rather then the term “Princess”.  Well, if we were not watched by my father and the rest of my royal relatives that is. We crept up the staircase with utmost caution, stopping all movements at the slightest hint of incoming danger. Looking in the direction of the waning light that lit the stairway, my stomach churned.

“Leah, its about to reach its zenith, we’ve got to hurry.” I whispered.

Leah took a quick glance at the bright round moon hanging solemnly amidst the dull clouds. She hasten her steps immediately. Leah and I have been trained to snoop around castles and Houses for near four years now. Despite her frail appearance, Leah could actually take down a grown man twice her size. What about the Princess in distress? For a start, I was not one of those demure princesses who loved going to the balls in search of their prince charmings. That was just plain boring for me. Balls only meant torture, its a drag holding the feather masks and lacey fans, needless to mention the tight corsette round my torso and the cage-like bother underneath my gown. Since young i have been interested in the Forbidden Arts. Magic, to put it simply. As a young girl, i have always  been begging my father to permit my researches of the Forbidden Arts. However, my father, was unfortunately the second son to the throne. That means that any blunders made by yours truly would contribute to his reputation. Hence I did all my researches and spywork in the dark. Princess Eleanor was known as Rose among the people who did my bidding. There are many people out there who were also interested in the Forbidden Arts and are willing to go beyond any limits if they had the wealth to do so. A small portion of my wealth given by my father every month was enough to make me a much respected leader of the field.


The End

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