Chapter 2

“What do you mean?” Lee asks me.

I smile at the look on her face. “Don’t worry it’s nothing bad. It’s just information about me, my family, and my people.” She nods and I nod to Zephan who grows to the size of a large horse, his teeth extending to about two feet in length.

“So, as you know, we are vampires. Of course, I’m only half vampire because of my human mother.” I pause and Lee nods. “What you don’t know is that my fathers, and his elder brother, are princes. My father is Lord Glynn. My uncle, Lord Antony, and I am Princess Dakota.” Lee Anna stares at me as I hope onto Zephan’s back and hold out my hand for her. “And, on my 18th birthday, I will officially assume the position and heiress to the throne. I will look different every full moon while in vampire form after my birthday. And, also, as you know, I turn into my vampire self after sunset because of the half vampireness.” Lee grins and sighs. “You’re so lucky… Anyway, why do you have a meeting today? Don’t you usually have them every few Sunday nights?” Dad nods.

“Yes, well, this seems to be an emergency meeting. They’re only called for threats and deaths. And I don’t mean undead.” He grins at Lee Anna and she smiles back.

“So I’m posing as a half vamp to come to this meeting?” I grin and nod.

“Yeah, pretty much.” I turn back around to face the front of our ride and Dad takes flight.

The pounding of Zephan’s paws and the whoosh of Apollo’s wings above us gives me an adrenaline rush. We arrive at a large desolate field where hundreds of Vampires and other creatures are gathered for the meeting. I look around and I see all if the friends I grew up with when I was younger. A tall, brown haired girl, of 19, flies over to us on a giant moth.

“Hey, Maddie, how’ve you been?” I say as I hug her across the antenna of her familiar.

“Eh, I could be better but what can you do? The benefit of the undead should be lack of emotion.” She makes a face and folds her arms across her chest.

“What happened?” I look around and notice the absence of her boyfriend. “John dump you?”  

“Yeah he did. For someone named Brett! A guy, and a human on top of it all.” Lee and I groan sympathetically.

“So, anyway, who’s your friend? Recently turned based on the human smell. Where is your familiar?” Maddie asks, changing the subject.

“This is Lee Anna, yes she is recently turned and her familiar is sick. Poor baby has a cold.” I say, coolly. She automatically believes me because I don’t lie, unless necessary, and I’m the princess.

“Aww. Bummer. What is it?” She says. I hold back a gasp, we hadn’t planned this part.

“He is a Fox, Milo.” Lee smiles as she answers.

“He sounds really cute.” Maddie smiles.


The End

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