Princess Catalina

A story about a princess named Catalina.

Catalina stood in her room, trying to complete her lesson. Everyday, her mother, Queen Alison, would send a lesson up to her room that was supposed to prepare her for the day when she would be queen.

Today, her lesson was to decide whether or not to search a commoner's house or not and why. I'll search it, she wrote, so that I can get to know more that he might not be telling me.

Catalina looked at the piece of paper and sighed. She hated her perfect handwriting. It was slightly tilted and each letter ran together smoothly. She despised it, but she lived with it. After all, her mother always said that a queen's handwriting must be neat enough that an illiterate person could read it.

She called for a servant who came and whisked the paper to her  mother's quarters. Then Catalina stepped out into the afternoon air.

The End

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