Fine. You Be the Princess.

Chase flipped through an old folder of news articles he'd collected over the years. One particular article caught his eye immediately; the story about the daughter of the great pirate, Teraash. She'd been arrested three years ago for stealing a loaf of bread. He remembered the story had interested him because she was his age, and because she had never been spotted without part of her father's crew.

He closed the file, and thought of Aramancia. He never did find out how she escaped, but he knew of her reputation as a brutal pirate who sailed alone on the high seas. At least once a month, naval battalions traveled to hunt her down, but most returned barely alive, and some were never found at all. He had suggested to his father, the king, that he stop chasing her, but he was always convinced that "this time, we'll get her for sure."

"Chase." He turned and looked toward the doorway. His older sister, Sania, strode into the room casually.

"What do you need, sis?" he asked.

"Dad needs you. Apparently they're making you a new pair of slacks and need you there to fit them," she informed him.

"My slacks are fine," he grumbled. But the Prince, the king's son, the upcoming heir, had to look perfect all the time.

"Why do you have to be so negative, Chase? You're to be king of your own country. You have so many marvelous things and such an illustrious life to look forward to. And you complain about pants? If I was in your place I wouldn't give it a second thought-"

"Fine. You be the princess. I don't want this job and I never did. And I'll deal with it how I please, thank you," he snapped. Sania was taken aback. Chase was usually so mild mannered; this side of him was rare at best. "Go tell dad I'm not going to waste my time on another pair of slacks. Have the tailor make them in a generic size and sell them." His sister nodded irritably and left the room.

Chase sighed. He was so tired of his sister's jealously. He wanted to make her the heiress and so did she, but there was nothing either of them could do, and her expressing it made the situation all the more undesirable for Chase. To take his mind off of it, he picked up an old book of his from the floor. He cracked the dusty cover, and began the fall into the world printed on the pages.

The End

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