Princes and Piratesses

All over the high seas in a fictional world, the Kingdom of Elivand pursues a vicious lady pirate. Going by the name Aramancia, the 19 year old rogue leaves destruction in her wake without a care. But when Elivand's enemy, the nation of Cenerence, offers her a huge sum for the capture of Elivand's Prince, she puts her plans on hold and makes her way toward the country that wants her head.

     Prince Chase Vangeance. That's what was etched into every heavy wooden door in the grandiose hallway. Every room on the left side of the 19th floor of the castle belonged to the Prince. Some were old playrooms filled with untouched toys, or rooms he'd simply grown out of. Depending on his mood, he could choose from 4 different bedrooms at night, and of course he had his own study, his own small library, his own music room (even though he didn't sing or play an instrument), his own extravagant bathroom, a room filled with excess clothes, his own art gallery filled with pieces from his hundreds of trips; everything one could ever imagine needing short of a kitchen belonged to this Prince.

     Prince Chase spent a great deal of time on the left side of the 19th floor in the royal castle of Elivand. He didn't like to greet guests or open ceremonies, or be bothered by the servants for that matter. He wasn't a rebellious boy, but the princely life just wasn't for him. He enjoyed quiet things, like reading and taking walks in the castle gardens. He did his work dilligently and obeyed his parents, and study law as he was expected to. In truth, he would have made a good king. But he spent every day with a twinge of regret that he had to accept the life of a ruler.

The End

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