Prince Of Dillusion

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Prince Of Dillusion

Numb, motionless and calm, yeah thats me when I am in my closet. Most people say it isn’t normal for me to seclude myself, but i find it helps me alot more than confiding my problems with a human. Here I don’t worry about being betrayed and lied to, i can be myself, and obody can judge me. These four walls around me are a world that people can’t invade. Its mine, mine.

When im in my world, i close my eyes and daydream, i pretend im in another world and that im the prince of a large and powerful kingdom, whoever crosses me, is dealt with by death, a proper death at that. Whoever dares to defy my rule is hung naked to a tree upside down and burned alive. It’s better this way, people don’t want to suffer a fate like that, so they would never break my laws.

The only problem with my world is sometimes when im in it too long, i can’t wake up, and my mind goes on a rampage and terrible things happen, reality fuses with the world, and i can’t see correctly. I walk out of my closet and its like living for real in my land, i guess this is why I am where I am. I was stuck in my land and my parents defied me, i drugged and tortured them to death, i suppose thats what happens to people who spend too much time alone...oh well too late to change it, im still a prince, I just dont look like one with my unkept hair and this backwards jacket. My room is also not fit for royalty, there is no window to see the kingdom and no color to brighten my mood, just a big metal door with a slot where i get food.  The room is soft and makes me want to sleep, but that only makes me go deeper into the other world, its been thirteen days since i have slept. Atleast im not alone in here, the guards must have had pity on me because there is a man in here who also has a jacket on, we talk and joke, and sometimes argue. The mans name is Jack, which was ironic since thats my name too.

Sometimes i blackout and jack is gone, and sometimes the guards try and trick me and dress him up like a woman, then he claims his name is princess Jacqueline. I personally think hes a liar, but i won’t let him know what i really think, i pretend to believe him so we don’t get in fights. Ihate fighting.

I once took off the jacket, but the guards came in and tried to get it back on me, i tried to fight them but they stabbed me in my neck with a dagger, i got really tired and collapsed. I thought i was going to die, but i woke up back in the room. I guess this is just my new kingdom, maybe i should pretend this is my new closet, and i can once again rule with an iron fist, well, i can try.

The End

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