Prince of Blizzards

Sometimes the past can come back to haunt you. Fourteen year old Naomi Kingfisher is transferring to St.Kasuku, a Boarding School in a land of everlasting winter.
But what she discovers there will change her forever.



Blizzard's only blow when trouble is coming. That's what the Elder always said to me. I know now that the Elder was a very intelligent person.

It was December 1456. We'd never seen a blizzard like it. It was the worse the whole of Uvnaion had ever seen. It was unbelievable.

The winds were strong enough to blow down Old Miss. Donstone's house about a mile away from the main city.  The snow was deep enough that little Emily got lost in it. On top of all that, it was loud enough that no-body in Uvnaion could even dream of sleeping.

But that night, something even worse happened to my country. 

We were ruled by a fair, loving King, Sir Damien Fisher. He had a wife- Isma- and two sons- Rasu and Kasu, twins.

It was tradition that one of the Fisher bloodline must undergo a trial once they turned 14. Whenever a Blizzard or Avalanche came about, they must attempt to stop them using their thoughts alone.

So it was that Rasu and Kasu began they're journey to Mt. Jarumaichi, the highest mountain in the region. It was from the peak that they would begin they're trial.

Everyone from the city gathered outside the castle, with tissues, roses, blankets, and their farewells. Rasu and Kasu exited the castle on their two pure white stallions, waving good-bye to them, tears obvious in their silver-blue eyes.

When they returned, the throne would be promised to them both, and they would be acknowledged as men. 

I was 13 at the time, a good friend of them both. I waved and shouted my farewells at them and they strode past, smiling at me and waving back.

Everyone followed them down to the tall city gate, where the guards opened the gates and saluted.

We could only watch their blue capes and light blonde hair stream in the wind as they left, swallowed by the snowy landscape.

That was the last I ever saw of my two best friends.

The End

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