Something’s wrong.

Stuck in traffic, I think of you.

The urge to text you.

Why did I throw you away?

The regret, the disappointment

Are really the only reasons I needed to.

But I forgot all those other times,

Where you made me laugh

And feel like I’m worth it.

Funny how everything changes in a second.

One moment I can’t stand to be around you,

The next I can’t breathe without you.

My decision’s never final

Not as long as I’m still here.

I wish I could take you back,

But now’s not the time.

You’ll be busy. As usual.

There’s never really a good time to be friends with you.

I want to be that person you can say,

Oh, she’s been my best friend for years

Yeah, we do everything together

Life would absolutely suck without her.

And what is happening?

We’re apart, and she’s having a blast.

Tomorrow, it’ll be a month.

A month of no contact, no talking, nothing.

And I was fine the first few weeks.

Why not now?

I realized I need her. I can’t believe how stupid I’ve been.

But I know the minute we’re back,

Everything will crumble again

And I’ll return to my negative feelings.

I want to be able to support her,

To give her advice

But I’m afraid she’s found someone else,

Probably much better than me.

That’s the thing, I didn’t want to be replaced,

Even though that’s all I felt.

We were careless, I guess.

I wish we could shine again

And no one would know we were once done.

But I’ve made mistakes,

And you just can’t repair them.

The End

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