The moon shines through her skin,

So white and pure as a blank sheet

Of snow over the crowded forest

The lake frozen over, her lithe feet glide

Like a child in the winter

Tasting the flakes land on her pale tongue

The sun fights to struggle through the wisps

Her long fingers slowly waves in the chilled air

Trying to push the clouds away

The rabbits scurry into the concealed logs,

Warm and cozy with their family

And she can’t find her own.

The train blew whistle miles off

Smoke blasting through the branches,

Coal smells like home.

The flesh on her transparent arms,

They’re liquid, a gas

No chance to hold her back

The wind whips her long brown hair past her scrawny shoulders

Notes of whirls spin in her ears

Playing the same sad song over and over again.

The ice beneath her smooth toes crack a smidge

And she carefully steps away

From all the problems she once had

The stories that was never true

Engraved into her brain

A constant voiceover on 24/7

The water drowning her throat

As hot lightning struck

And thunder crackled like a witch at midnight

The silver stars swimming in her head

Her life replaying before her grieved eyes

Pain multiplying much more than ever

The hopelessness she felt as she grasped for the surface

She couldn’t handle the truth

But the truth overtook her

The screams that couldn’t escape her petrified mouth

Golden silence escaped instead,

Hollowed with terrifying echoes

The bright flashes from the grey sky

Touches the root of her beautiful locks

And everything stands on its own

The shock traveling from her collarbone down to her toes

Cold winter snow plummets down faster

Blinding her sight, cutting off her air

The young days in sepia

Lost from memory, suddenly drudged up again

A little girl, the whole universe was hers

The boys chasing her in the yard,

Her brothers laughing as she swiftly beat them

Time and time again

The curtain thinks it’s time to close,

Where is her speech, is she ready

To say goodbye, at last?

The seconds pass

Her ghost is crawling out of her shell

Like a beautiful butterfly in the spring

The time stops, the world is on pause

Glowing in her hand is her broken heart

Stitching up the wounds, now clean and red

The trees fall back down into the water

Immobilizing its limbs, not able to reach for her

It’s too late.

The body lies still,

Floating upon the waves,

Slowly lapping to the edge of the ice.

The ghost continues to drift on the land

Looking for a family

But instead nothing answers.

The End

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