Across the room

There’s this feeling I always get,

when I look at you from across the room

We’re two people bound to be one.

Our minds connected on the right wavelength.

We never talk, but

in our eyes thousands of stories are told.

Just one glance up,

and your souls’ whole.

This feeling, it’s like the movies

Does it happen in real life?

Like we’re destined to be together

Like there’s no one else for us,

but us.

Like the stars are lined up right,

Like the ocean is ready to catch us,

Like the music is just one note away from being complete.

And noise entirely cancels out

And my breathing is nonexistent.

My heart dries out like a desert in July

because my sorrow diminishes.

Why don’t you come a little close,

and we’ll see what happens.


The End

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