Keep on dreaming. Not.

I don’t know why I keep randomly smiling.

We’re only going for coffee.

Even though you don’t know if you can go.

But maybe it’s because all those movies,

after they leave the coffee shop,

they always ended up together.

I’m not hoping that for us,

it’d be too… awkward.

But maybe it’s because you’re a guy, and my best friend.

And no one ever wants to go places with me,

and just hang out like time has stopped,

just for us.

But maybe I’m still stuck in the clouds,

fixated on the too perfect movie version.

It’s not a date, I know that,

and I’m not looking for more.

If he wants to, that’s totally fine.

But maybe he’ll say no,

and all my smiles will vanish

as soon as you say

you can’t go.

The End

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