Waiting behind the bush

Three girls stare at the boy

Immediately they start to blush

shrieking softly when he turns to decoy

And quickly they ducked beneath

Old fashioned masquerade ball

Everyone has on an ornate mask

Dancing around, flirting ‘til nightfall

Seems like you always have to ask,

Who are you underneath?

A huge football helmet takes up his whole face

As he steps out onto the field

First whistle, he gets into place

The plan completely concealed

Every player shuffled his feet

Couple sat under an emerald tree

Shade provided cool air

Like a fairytale so sweet

Enjoying every moment they have there

Too bad he’s got a secret…

Wounded soldiers scatter through the wild

Camouflaging their lack of supplies

From their country forever exiled

Can’t go on any longer, waiting to die

Deeply falling in the extreme heat

White out over the past mistakes

Making up new errors

Replacing truth with fake

On the paper is pressure

Just want to never be deleted

Here without you alone in my room

Obviously I miss you with all my being

No one can assume it was you who put me in this gloom

I lost my calling

This terrible history I have to repeat

My love is under a disguise

Waiting to crawl out of its hole

But instead, hides

Beneath my bruised soul

Ain’t this life so sweet?


The End

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