Heaven's Boy

For Tristen Dasch, rest in peace.

He laid in his hospital bed

Cold, hooked up by machines,

Hanging on by a tiny little string

But filled with so much hope

Inspiring everyone with his tragic story

“You’re going to get through,” his mother said

For about six years he was free

He never complained

His little string turned into a full rope

Everything went along fairly

Celebrated his fifteenth birthday recently

Lots of people wishing a great day

Having fun with his friends and family

Barely noticing the pain

Just letting go of the negative

Looking at the sea

All the hurt on delay

Enjoying the scenery deeply

The world is sane

All its mistakes is forgiven

Reaching home

He found something troubling

It was back

Immediately rushed to safety

The needles returning on his arms, being confined

His last day wasn’t spent alone

All his friends circling

In the room, talking about flashbacks

Then slowly, slowly

His eyes closed for the last time

Now he arrived at his destination

The place where he was meant to be

Where there is no more pain

No more tears

Feeling whole again on the inside

He’s living a legend

Finally he’s happy

Only sunshine, and never rain

Nothing erased but every fear

Watching every ocean’s tide

Living on every cloud

Creating double rainbows over his father’s church

His elation shining down on even the saddest

At last he is free from agony

All that falls from the sky is his joy

Shaved heads, pink and orange bracelets in a huge crowd

That’s how much we miss him

He was the sweetest and kindest

Kid, and even though life hasn’t treated him so fairly,

He’s heaven’s boy. 

Tristen, you will be greatly missed, but you will be even more loved than ever before. Have a wonderful time in heaven, I know you will enjoy it immensely.

Love, Emily.


The End

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