The shimmery cobweb shines in the sinking sunlight

Its corners hanging on to the wall, the lamp, the shades

Glittering rays of beams seep through the blinds

Illuminating the whole room from ceiling to floor

The last thing she saw were those bright headlights

As she watch the life of her slowly fade

Actually, the remaining life of her kind

Everywhere she looked was plainly gore

Take a deep breath and let it out

Then take it back in and choke on yourself

No one will ever know what your last words were

The last feeling you had, the last secret you kept inside

Not the boy he used to be

No longer the popular boy everyone loved; he’s living in a cell

His life just got harder and harder

How time has flown by..

Last breakup wasn’t too good

Yes, not so well

Some argument over kids and money

And she stormed out the door

Left behind, barely understood

Living in what seems like hell

The good stuff is just plain blurry

And he just wants her to come back, he implores

Staggering on the city sidewalk

Listening to depressing music

The rain pours over your unsheltered head

Bumping into streaming people

Heart trapped in a tight lock

Mind running around in motions so hectic

Lying senseless on the cold bed

Not making even a ruffle

Battle hasn’t been defeated

Can’t find the strategy

Other team won’t surrender

And neither will mine

Knocking him out unconsciously in hatred

Stars float in his beat up skull rapidly

His body so cold it might as well have been in a freezer

Wow, those stars are shining awfully bright..

Tonight is your last chance

To fight for whatever you want, need, desire

To say who you really love

To divulge your deepest mystery

All those stolen glances

Will they ever be returned to the fuel of the fire?

Standing the shadows is extremely tough

Falling down to your knees in misery

Pelted with rocks, they erase your swollen face

Body bruised, tied to the icy pole

Laughter passed around freely

Why won’t someone help me?

Sinking down in broken grace

Bullets ripping through my soul

Turn a one-eighty

And you can see the crashing sea

Dropped a stone on the fresh path

Blends in with the frozen cement

Can’t find where she lost it

Both literally and figuratively

Declining way to fast

Time wasted well spent

All the good memories omit

Trying to break past the wall, it’ll only make it rainy

A friend says he can go

The girl gets so excited

She prepares herself for the best day ever

And picks up the phone

At the last second he says no

She turns completely frigid

Tries really hard to act as if it didn’t matter

And cries to herself all alone

Then the same happened again

This time with her best friend

Felt her heart tear right apart

She misses her so much

Every now and then

She allows a memory to sneak through the wall with the dead end

Abandoned to live in the dark

But every thought sends her stomach in a clutch

Why does everyone she love keep forgetting?

Is she just another silhouette?

A prop, a sidekick?

A… toy to be played with?


She’s nothing.


The End

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