Temporary Wish

The dazzling diamonds

On the fresh jade tree

Little stars scintillate

Through the fresh jade tree

Golden green leaves fall

Off the fresh jade tree

Dewey pink petals

Attached to the flower

Glistens in the descending sunlight

In the copper grass

Standing tall against war

In the hurricane

Rain pours down

On the cold street

Pounding so hard

On the passing cars

It’s only to nourish

The dying things

Icy waterfalls freeze

Frosty breath in air

Snow trickles to the forest’s floor

Layers upon glacial layers

Branches stand naked,

waiting for spring

Black birds soar

At the summit

Mountains rest so tall and proud

Rocks drifting to the ground

Volcano’s ashes glides

To the top of the heap

Lighting strikes fast

Woods caught on fire

Blazing so hot

Crunching plants

Quick movements

Trying to get out alive

Citrus sun sinks
on the stretch of the beach

Sand dissolves

As the waves crashes

Shells balance on logs

Wooden path winds

Around a state of nothing

Vines wrapped on the planks

Quiet creaking there

Bare twigs lay out

Budding foliage slowly expires

Clear moon gleams

Through the holes of the jungle

Reflection off the translucent lake

Midnight sun coming up

Twilight’s twinkles appears

In the cluttered corners

Wall of clouds

Block the light

Heavy shower sprinkles

Puddles run so deep

One foot and I’m gone

Step right in

Brilliant trail curves

Heaven shimmers from the cracks

Poison lurks in disguise

Never know who’s next

Wild red roses

May not be what it seems

Violet meadow dawns

Beams of light slips in

Green clovers speckled the lawn

Lucky day, found a four-leaf

Made a wish

And it came true.



The End

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