Her laughter broke the silence

Glances stolen, frantically searching for a way out

Delirious, confused

Confined to cold shackles

Her body weakened and bruised

Struggling to escape

Falling to the ground

Promises shattered

Hopes and dreams failed to mend

Sickening whispers lingered

Icy floor greets her knees

Elbows slipped

Bare torso freezes

Brain in relapse

Like thorns without the roses

Desperate for a small cigarette

Just one tiny drag

One tiny wisp of delicious smoke, badly

Needs a little sip of alcohol

Please, give it to me!

All these crazy years she gave in

Pressure found her poor heart

In lockdown, deteriorated

Acting so strange

Once again on the ground she landed

Ripping her damaged hair out

Checking her yellowed teeth

Viewing the heavy wrinkles on her forehead

Deep lines in her worn fingers

Demented dreams in her head

Every now and then, so rarely,

Happiness pours back in

But only when she has a drink

Or a quick smoke

Then it’s gone in a blink

Places scrambling, walls floating, spots forming in her frenzied eyes

Are those chains just chains?

Or are they actually monsters wrapped around her feet?

Is there a cloud above her head that always rains?

No, no more restraints, she hates them so very much

Please, no! take that away!

They knock her out with pills without a chance to argue

As she sleeps in torment, all she can think of is

Oh, dad, I never wanted to end up like you.


The End

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