He looked down on the black-and-white photograph

Taken sixty years ago

Wasn’t she beautiful back then?

And she still is now,

Even with cracked porcelain skin and raspy laugh

Remember how we first encountered?

In the town park, at sunset

First touch in the water

First words on land

The sparkle in your green eyes glimmered

Remember when we were kids?

Your smile was like the sunrise

The dewdrops on the grass

The rainbow in everyone’s sight

Amazed by your beauty, that I did

Remember the moonlight in the early morning?

Your head resting on my beating heart

The grass rolling with the light breeze

Glitter in the dusk

But looking at you was more dazzling

Remember the classes we shared?

All play and no work,

Sitting beside you

Messing with your pretty hair

Plenty of time to spare

Remember the lightning in our kisses?

Tingles through our spines,

Warmth spread in our whole body

Wholeness coursing all over

The desire to keep going, the wishes

Remember the post cards we sent during college?

Little notes of “I love you”

Daily updates

Yearning to be with me

Always couldn’t wait for the package

Remember the twilight fights?

You broke down crying

And I chased you out into the snowy street

Stayed with you til you forgave me

Expiration doesn’t apply to our light

Remember all those boxes moved into your house?

Placing things in the wrong location

Fixing up the rooms

Then lying out in the backyard

The grass has never felt so soft with you, my spouse

Remember our wedding day?

You walked down in that gorgeous white dress

With tears in your eyes

Couldn’t believe it was finally happening

Then you reached the bottom of the staircase

Remember when I slipped that gold band on your ring finger?

Said our vows and kissed

Friends’ congratulations

Delicious bite of cake

We’ll grow old together and be seniors

Remember how we kissed in the rain?

And slipped inside, to carry it on

Never felt so good

To be with you

I could do this over and over again

Remember when we found out?

Twins- a boy and a girl

Exactly what you wanted

Nursery already painted

Names picked without a doubt

Remember the very first night they came home?

Carefully handled

Not once did they cry

Perfect angels in our arms

They’ll never be left alone

Remember when they took their first steps?

First words?

First anything?

Music coming out of their mouths

What else is left?

Remember all the evenings on the balcony?

Tales of the forgotten past

Watching the kids play in the tall grass

The beat up ball rolling around

Sweet weather floating

Remember her first boyfriend?

Daddy always looked over him

0Made sure he wouldn’t do anything

Found out their story was almost like ours

Well, exactly how close it was depends

Remember when they walked across that big stage?
Proudly waving and knocking over the video camera

Tears of joy spilling down

The flip of their cap

Would be the end of their play

Remember when they separated?

To go off to different colleges

To start a new story

Like we did

And so we let them go in sad spirit

Remember the lonely dinners?

Without our happy, bubbly children

Two plates instead of four (and sometimes more)

Feels like life before them

Going back a few chapters

Remember the holidays?

Opening presents, exchanging plates of food

Revisiting childhood memories

Both the kids and ours

The tiny phases

Remember when they grew up?

We have grandchildren now

Five beautiful, healthy kids being just like their parents

The same story passed on for generations

Sundays were filled with love

Remember how we sleep beside each other every night?

Holding you, holding you

Until you fall asleep

Because you’re still so beautiful to see

When your eyes are on mine I know it’s alright

Remember how I love you ever so much?

Remember how I read you our stories?

Remember how I always kiss you goodnight?

Remember how I play you your favorite songs?

Remember the electricity every time we touch?



Remember me?


The End

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