The hallway was silent

Dark shadows outlining the lockers

Leaned against the cold wall

Ready to fall

Thoughts running through my crazed head

Negative comments blazing, burning

Throat in a drought, eyes on fire

Lungs about to expire

So help me understand

Why can’t I actually have friends?

And be a good person

But instead I eat the poison

Take it all away

The stress, the flames

What’s that feeling?

When your existence is dwindling?

Face first to the ground

Eyes staring straight ahead

Fingers growing limp

Barely holding on, positioned like a wimp

Practically nothing is in sight

The doors a blur,

Windows holding a haze

I struggle to fight this maze

In the moonlight

Shining down on me, the glimmering stars

Finally I’ll be with them

The wonderful gems

Wondering what I could’ve done

With the latest argument

Stay shut?

Or open up?

Went halfway

Half heartedly debating

Never made it to the finish line

Still miles behind

Wish it never happened

So I wouldn’t die,

Wouldn’t kill myself

But I can’t take any more of this hell

So scared of what to do next

Sky turned black

No more moonlight to show my pounding heart

Inside, I know it’s ripping apart

I can’t go on without you,

So just leave me now,

Alone, please, I don’t want to be hurt anymore

And let’s play war.


The End

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