Fields of gold

Walked into class, saw you sitting there,

Smiling that beautiful smile,

Messing with your brown hair

And I sat down next to you

Heart beating so fast

Our hands almost touching, by our sides

My eyes staring downcast

Looking at your fingers as they fiddle

Oh, we have to get up, to do something

Sad for a moment

You standing next to me is dazzling

Frown erased right then

Some game we were going to play

Surprisingly I felt your hand slip into mine

Please, can we let this stay

This nice warm grip, the comfort

Then the teacher told us to let go

You dropped it quickly

My heart returned to its hollow

Knowing you couldn’t hold on any longer

Back to the couch

You never looked at me, not once

Please, hold me now

Make me feel the way I feel about you for real

Bell rang, saw you leave

Your face still burned bright in my mind

Even in my restless sleep

Loving every minute I remembered your hand in mine

Woke up, waiting for the next time

I see you again,

Seeing you smile makes me blind

Blindly in love

Staring straight into your blue eyes

People around us cheering us on

We passed each other with silent goodbyes

And we both won the round

Never got to be with you after that

But I’m okay, I got to keep glancing at you

Put myself back on the train track

And reminded myself I can never have you

It’s Friday, last block

I came in early to be with you

No, you parked yourself by the ticking clock

Grief shadowed my soul

Organized into teams

You were placed on mine,

Seems like a dream

Stood right by you

Every time I peeked over,

You had a huge grin on your beautiful face

Butterflies on the inside strongly fluttered

If only you were looking at me then

Class took a bathroom break

I claimed your spot

Chuckled, and you came in

Right next to me

Counting game

Numbers followed

We couldn’t stop saying the same thing

And laughed in harmony

Writing words in simple strings

Should’ve spelled out “I love you”

Though I’m afraid to reveal my feelings

Too afraid to feel the wrath of reject again

Our fingers come in contact

Glance up into your blue eyes

And quickly on the floor back

Grinning, blushing, innocent

Went to the field tonight

Saw the copper sun dip below the trees

Felt our hearts, though far away, unite

As one, as a whole, as a dream

Liquid citrus sky transform to flushing pink

From summer to fall, from fall to bitter winter,

Our souls running in a complete sync

Our eyes shifting to only our spotlight, no one else

Nothing can eclipse this sudden sensation

This phenomenon, this marvel

The sparkling stars that glisten

When I see your stunning smile

Powder of rain trickled down

Begging to see the stories of us

Imploring you to be with me, from across town

Wiping away the realization of us not happening

Crisis arrived, overwhelming thoughts

Won’t see you ever again, after this semester

Like taking three hard shots

In the center of my broken heart

Squeezing your hand was the best thing of the week

Flavoring the bland days of vanilla

Just hoping this won’t be unique

Because I’d like it to occur more often

Only a minority,

About a year younger

But I’m sure I won’t go into this blindly

I think I know how to handle you

Indulging your presence

For now, waiting patiently to see if you could

But those six words are in absence

Or if that one sentence will show up

Believing that we have a chance

Instead of shooting it down right away

Maybe we won’t ever have a last dance

A last kiss, a last smile

Abandoning the hurt,

Watching the sky tell me heartwarming stories

All the world on pause, being quite inert

Slow motion beats, drizzle, shimmering dust

Electric memories shock my veins

Sheets of ecstasy run through my limbs

Soaking in, down to the core of the lonely plains

Euphoria tripping in my fingers, remembering the touch of yours

Paper feelings, so easily thrown away

Unbalanced, balanced, precariousness, poise

Like the bright sun’s rays

Wavering to no one specific thing

Lock and check to see what’s missing,

Oh. Your heart beating next to mine

Us kissing, us killing the hating

The rainbow at its disposal

Invaluable recollections

They made me happy, actually

Taken away from the shuns

Whenever I think of them

Keep my heart racing

No problem, just sit by me

Stay ever so charming

Just continue smiling

Comfort me in the autumn

When I’m most wounded, most vulnerable,

Calm my lonesome

Find a place to stay within my wounds

The fields of gold

Protects my musings, my will

Stalks of blonde wheat won’t be sold

Like my love for you won’t.

The End

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