I touch the wind

Warmth spread through my arms

The tiny strands of my hair

Knots itself in a spin

I touch the sun

A burning glory, ball of fire

Bits of light blind my eyes

As I see strings of glimmering ribbons

I touch the ocean

Cool, refreshing liquid pours over my hands

Healing my wounds, deep wounds

Turning my skin from hot to frozen

I touch the clouds

Soft, fuzzy pieces soothes me

Parting ways to heaven

Holding the glossy crown

I touch the rain

That falls from above

That replenishes my soul

That makes me feel desperate pain

I touch the grass

Sharp, and emerald

Slight golden outline

Creeping up on the dirt, it trespasses

I touch the walls

Of my old house

Where I grew up

Where I didn’t fall

I touch the floor

Solid, smooth, shiny

Yet unmarked

And I replay that night you ran out the door

I touch the window

Look outside, at the crashing stars

Remembering my wish that you would return

Wallowing in regret, shame, sorrows

I touch the rough fabric of your clothes

Smell them, scented with freesia

From our wedding

It was the only flower you chose

I touch the silky covered bed

Rerun that wonderful night

Where you held me tight,

Didn’t make me feel mislead

I touch the pearl hairpin

Your fingers fumbling to put it in my curls

Whispering how beautiful I look

With the widest grin

I touch the sapphire ring

Resting on my dusty dresser

Hurled it against the wall

Then picked it back up again

I touch the painting

Of us, smiling, ecstatic

Hands entwined, rings on

We were so happy

I touch the nightmares

Watching you leave me

Over and over again

Seeing your disgusted stares

I touch the hate

That bounced off you

Every time I try to say something,

Anything, you make me wait

I touch the words

You’ve never spoken

But I can hear them,

In my heart, I’ve set them free, like a trapt bird.


The End

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