Who Are We?


On a cloud of dreams

Closing my eyes

Keeping my hopes alive


Alone, sad, floating face down

Tragic timing for love

Erase everything, please

Random pangs stabs me


Only one heart beats blue

And that’s mine

Listen, can you hear the whirring of my mind?


Easy to say, when I see your face

Addicting, to see your smile

Crazy love sets in

Every day I play it again


On the broken heart

Veers off course,

Educing the worse


Angels like you keep me afloat

Immortally locked in your eyes

Trances secures me in dreams

How wonderful it seems


Always want to see you, your beautiful face

Tumbling with crazed nerves when you’re here

Elegant butterflies float everywhere


Impermeable affection, nothing can change

Everything I love about you

Walking this battle alone isn’t new


Every night I lie wide awake

Never thinking of anything but you

Sweet taste of bliss

Enjoying the fantasies of our first kiss

Deep breath-


Invisible hands locked around my throat

Cutting off my oxygen

Thinking about you

Makes it tighten

Now my tears are falling

Like snowflakes on a cold deserted night

I gave you all of me

And you haven’t contributed half of you

Have I ever known who you were?

Were you just a wisp of a dream, something that was never true?

Was I



The End

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