The Edge

Starved, joints aching, broken

Nails chipped, teeth chattering

Crazed mind, thoughts bouncing too fast, shaking limbs

Strangled, choking, alone

Cold, weakened

Chimes dangling against each other

Sweet melody plays

Drums matching the beat of the destroyed heart in strong ambers

Piano keys at the stroke

Rings powerfully through the feeble ears in warmer

Grass whistling in the wind

Midnight moon beams down white

The green emphasizes in her glances

Yellow street lights are just a blur

This is her final chance

Can’t stand the pain

Of violence, of heartbreak, of shattered dreams

When will she get the love? The kisses in the rain?

Will she ever let go of the nightmares?

All of the regrets? Her memories in vain?

Please, stop controlling her, she’s just an innocent girl

Can’t you see how vulnerable she is?

You know why she turned into a rebel?

Here’s why. You keep changing her, forcing her to do stuff she doesn’t want to do

She’s hit an all time low, trapped in a filthy cell

One of these days she’ll come back

To haunt you, to prove you wrong

Better keep up with the presence she lacks

Or you’ll be sorry you never listened

Because she will have payback

Insomniac plagues her nights

Pleasant reveries takes her away from the troubling world

Slamming doors disturbs delights

Why must you yell? Scream?

Now she can’t get out of this fight

Rejection fills her soul with lead

Smooth snubs are all she can remember

Open wounds cover her legs

When she walks, she can feel the glares

No answers, just questions are in her head

Shivering, she remembers the punches

The terrifying cries

Her teeth clenched

His poor skin can’t handle the power

And on his arm a bruise oozes

That’s it. She stands and says,

I’m out of here

I can’t be here for another day

This torture you give me,

Well, that’s the price you pay

If you wanted me to stay, you wouldn’t have done this

Learn and live, forgive and never forget

That’s just how it is

While I’ll be far away you don’t need to worry

 I’m not something you’ll miss

She packs her things with no place to go

No friends to drop by in,

So she hits the streets and wandered with the flow

Exactly the way she’s always been

And inside she is so hollow

Her positive memories means nothing to her now

Her amazing feelings means nothing to her now

Her dilapidated security is nothing to her now

Her once wise wisdom has vanished now

Her chains of guilt is off her now

Her words that were held back are released now

Her demented mind is okay now

She is finally free now

And has jumped over the edge.


The End

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